BlueFocus ascends to the Top 10 PR agency in the world. DT communications, the international headquarters of BlueFocus, has now joined the uppermost tier of the world’s PR elite, ranking as the top 9 PR agency in the world, according

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Trendy . Digital . Professional
LEADING communication for business in Asia

DT Digital Specialist

DT Digital Aims To Keep You Viral And Vital, But Also Relevant To Today’s Tech Savvy Consumer. We’re Sure You Will ‘Like’ What We Can Perform Online.


Integrated Communication

DT is part of Asia and China’s largest PR agency and we can effectively plan and maintain your integrated communication strategies.


Cost Per Sale Model

At a risk fee investment, we guarantee success. Our services guarantee the media and marketing outcomes needed to attract an abundance of business and revenue.


China and Asia Market Consulting

DT’s China and Asia market expert, PinYin Partners, helps international newcomers navigate the often-complex challenges and unfamiliar terrain of Greater China and Asia through insightful and extensive market research.


Welcome to DT Communications

DT Communications is the largest and leading agency in China and Asia with the focus in digital strategies.

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