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5 Digital Marketing Trends of China 2016 that You Must Not Ignore

Digital Media Marketing

What sets the good digital marketing professionals apart from the rookies is that they always stay at the edge of market trends. They know what’s happening in the digital space. And most importantly they know how to change their approach and strategies accordingly.

If you’re in a quest to become a ‘good’ internet marketer yourself, or if you own a business in China- look out for these 5 marketing trends 2016 of Chinese digital space and change accordingly.

1. WeChat over QQ with higher conversion

WeChat has well over 1.1 billion registered accounts, while QQ has more than 800 million accounts.

Even with the large difference in user base and MAUs (Monthly Active Users) both the IM platforms has shared and enjoyed proportionate ‘love’ of marketing professionals over the years. However that has changed today with WeChat getting a slight edge over QQ with a higher conversion rate.

Plus, WeChat, with its host of features, is a bit more advertisement-friendly, which makes it a favorite among the marketers. Hailed already as a ‘mobile king’, if you don’t have any definite strategy of digital media marketing in China with WeChat app- regardless your niche – you might want to hire dedicated professionals to bank on millions of active users on this platform quite easily.

2. E-commerce becoming m-commerce

While there’s still quite a hullabaloo regarding booming e-commerce space of China, a good marketing professional has already realized and understood what others have overlooked. The scope of e-commerce has narrowed down to become M-commerce (Mobile Commerce).

There are well over 721 millions internet users in China. About 92 per cent of them access web over their Smartphone. On average, Chinese spend nearly 50 hours a month accessing mobile internet- much more than the time they spend on desktop.

These numbers clearly suggests that people in China are mobile-heavy internet users. So e-commerce businesses should and must intensively focus on Smartphone users because this trend is only going to get denser in the coming days.

Digital Media Marketing in China

3. O2O is more relevant than ever

Online to Offline (O2O) marketing has become quite relevant (and important) for businesses in China. And there are plenty of reasons behind that.

Any and nearly every market is facing hyper-competition. There are just too many brands and products that are likely just like yours. Plus, on average, people’s attention span has diminished to 8 seconds- less than that of Goldfish’s; meaning, typical and traditional advertisement strategies are ought to fail.

Also, to build a sustainable relation with the customers, trust and a ‘personal feel’ is required. O2O marketing brings that to the table.

4. Marketers more focused on cross-platform strategies

Particularly in China, cross platform has always been very important; and easy, at least for the top professionals of digital media marketing in Hong Kong.

The three major social and messaging platforms in the country- WeChat, QQ and Weibo are the brainchild of one internet company, Tencent. Although they all have distinct USPs, on many fronts they are a bit similar. And most of Chinese today use at least 2 of these platforms everyday.

So to bring consistency in the promotional efforts, to bring more exposure and to connect with the users better, cross platform marketing strategies has become more important than ever today. The conversion is much higher and the brands manage to build long-term relationship with the customers easily.

5. KOLs playing crucial role for businesses

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) has always played an important role for businesses in China to reach the new consumers, communicate with them and then convert. But lately this technique has gained quite a massive following, with marketers ditching the traditional advertisement methods.

Although some influential leaders may charge huge, high conversion and ROI is often guaranteed given you have picked a right person and strategized different components of this marketing technique carefully and sensibly.

These are the five important 2016 trends of digital media marketing in China. Incorporate them to your strategy and boost your sales and brand-building efforts easily.

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