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5 Reasons to (seriously!) Consider Cost Per Sale Affiliate Model to Make Sales

Cost Per Sale Model

Cost Per Sale Model is efficient and cost-effective way to sell products or services, but fewer businesses actually bank on it. They are either too hung up with the CPC and CPM, or simply don’t have a clue about this model.

Here are 5 important reasons why you should seriously consider going for CPS affiliate marketing-

1. High profit, low risk– You pay the affiliates only (and only) when actual sales are made. Meaning, the end customer has to pay you first for the product or service and it is then you pay your affiliates. So, unlike your PPC campaigns, where you are not even sure if there would be any conversion, the risk is very low with Cost Per Sale model.

2. Less room for frauds– Did you know Ad fraud will cost the industry nearly $7.2 billion in 2016? Mostly happens in CPC and CPM models where advertisers use bot traffics. This is not possible with CPS. The room for fraud is very less here. Some affiliates can ask their friends to buy your products or services. And just when you pay them for the sales, their friends cancel the whole order. But this happens very rarely and depends on the affiliate clauses and your tracking system.

Cost Per Sale Model Hong Kong

3. Effortless marketing– When your affiliates are trying to sell, they are marketing your products or services and hence your brand. You don’t have to put your energy. And the additional cost of PPC on Search Engines and campaigns on Social Media platforms is reduced significantly.

4. Helps in SEO– You get plenty of backlinks when the affiliates try to sell your products or services through their websites and other open platforms. This improves your ranking on SERP and increases your lead. One needs to be careful of backlinks from ‘not so good’ websites though; both Google and Yahoo can penalize your website for that.

5. Higher conversion rate– Given you have handpicked affiliates or hired cost per sale model Hong Kong based professionals, the conversion rate could be much higher and you can see flowering result quite soon comparing to CPM and CPC practices, which can take weeks to bring you the ‘good news’.

These are 5 important benefits of Cost Per Sale model. So if you solely rely on CPC and CPM banners, give rest to them, and go for affiliate marketing. To see better result though, it is best you hire professionals who offer dedicated CPS service.

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