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5 Secrets Digital Marketing Companies Don’t Want You to Know

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So confident are few top marketing consulting companies that they GUARANTEE better ROI to their clients. This makes one wonder, “do they know something that I don’t?” Because guaranteeing optimum results, particularly in the unforeseen internet space, is quite striking.

Thing is, they do in fact know things that others oversee. With better internet market perception, wide knowledge and efficient practices, they have a ‘success recipe’ so to say that you don’t know about—not until now.

Here are 5 secrets of this ‘success recipe’ that you must know (and apply) to boost your marketing approach-

1. Focus more on Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
CTR is one of the ranking factors of Google. However it needs special attention, particularly if you rely on PPC advertisements. It helps in understanding how effective was your ad campaign, gives you a base of prospects who will convert, helps in comparing with the competitors’ campaigns and more. So invest your time in understanding the CTR metric and focus to improve it; because while your brand could appear on the first SERP, it might not even get clicked, let alone getting converted.

2. Setting a cost per sale model to improve your sales
Setting an Affiliate program is the easiest and fool-proof method to improve your sales. You let other people sell your products/services. And whenever a sale is made, you pay commission to the middleman (affiliate). While it does cut a portion from your profit margin, it has a long list of benefits that far outweighs your profit-cut, like promotion, reach to new consumer bases and brand building without any additional cost and at quick span.

Marketing Consulting Companies3. Practicing integrated communication to build brand credibility
If you’re using multiple platforms- online and offline- to promote your product or service, you need to deliver clear and consistent message to your target audience. Saying one thing on Facebook and other on Twitter (or Newspaper or magazine ad) not only fails to convert prospects but also shrink your brand’s credibility. So integrate your communication; offer a clear and concise message with following CTA note.

4. Better PR- main motive of social media marketing
Reaching to your audience is not sufficient. Building a repo with them is more important, specially to sustain in the long run. You must communicate with the audience- prospects or repeated customers- to build a ‘trust factor’ in your brand name; a name that people trust and rely for the best products or services. So adapt to better PR practices. Communicate with others, understand their needs and problems and act like you really care.

5. Designing sales funnel for better conversion
Regardless what you’re selling- products or services- you must have a definite sales strategy. A systematic approach always ensures better conversion even in the competitive market. So design your sales funnel; decide on the size of the funnel, the number of deals in it and their lifeline and so forth, according to your needs. Don’t hesitate in offering free stuffs, particularly if highest valued offering is a service. Also know, for maximum success with the sales funnel, having a definite and effective e-mail marketing strategy is a must.

These are the 5 secret ‘success ingredients’ of top marketing consulting companies—and now you know. Use them in your marketing approach to give it a boost.

Of course implementing them is easier said than done, given it require better market understanding and effective strategy. So even if you have a dedicated in-house promotional team, don’t overlook the relevance of banking on the marketing consultancy services of top professionals.

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