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6 (Winning) Ways to Recover from a PR Blunder on Social Media

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It has happened to the best of us. If your business depends on social media platforms intensively, some silly (and unfortunate) blunders are bound to happen- and that’s okay; after all we’re all humans- mistake happens! But what might not be ‘okay’ though is how you recover from the PR fail.

2016 already has its share of social media blunders from top brands. While Coca-Cola angered the Russians by an incomplete map of the country in one of its ad, Microsoft’s AI Twitter bot went rogue and started making racist comments. Some brands followed sensible ways for a successful PR recovery, others were not so successful and only outraged the audience.

If you never have made such blunders- Kudos! But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will never. It is best to stay prepared for such scenarios. After all someone has correctly said, “It’s better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.”

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Here are 6 winning ways, recommended by the top PR company in China, to recover from a major PR fail on social media-

1. Take your time (but not too much)
When things go wrong, don’t instantly jump on to do something; but don’t take too much time either. First understand the mistake and why your audience is reacting negatively, and then act accordingly. Hasty actions often lead to wrong decisions, which will further worsen the situation.

2. Admit and apologize and wind up the issue
If majority of people don’t like something, there would be a good enough reason behind that; they find it inappropriate, insensitive or anything. Admit to their views and opinions and apologize immediately. Saying sorry would wind up the whole issue quickly than otherwise.

3. Don’t defend when defenseless
Often brands know their post is inapt, but even then they go on to defend themselves with one reason or other. THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE. Don’t defend yourself. It’s a common human psychology- if you’re going to challenge people’s views and opinions, argument will lead up and things might not end up well. You’ll end up losing heaps of your potential customers and carnage your whole brand.

4. Listen to the audience
Understand why your audience is criticizing you and agree with them. This will reflect your brand’s positive character, people will let go off your blunder soon, and you will learn a lot to prevent any such mistakes in the future.

5. Add a flavor of humor
This one’s tricky, and applies only in limited scenarios. Like if your post was somehow and somewhat racist, there’s no room really to add humor to it. But in few other cases, like when you post something factually wrong, you can add humor to it and lighten up people’s mood. This will reflect that you’re admitting your mistake and working to diffuse it smartly; hence, giving a positive image to your brand.

6. Dial a good China PR agency
Sometimes things are too worse to handle yourself, or you simply are clueless as how to extinguish the whole scene, at times like these top China PR company play messiah for your brand, business. Hire them and let the professionals handle the crisis for you in the best possible way.

These are the 6 effective ways to handle a Public Relation crisis on Social media platforms. So next time when you post something- accidently, unintentionally or someone else did it (hacked)- inappropriate and insensitive on Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and other platforms, dissolve the blunder in the most professional, sensible and effective way.

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