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At a risk fee investment, we guarantee success. Our services guarantee the media and marketing outcomes needed to attract an abundance of business and revenue.

This RESULT DRIVEN model applies to all of our services, respectively:


Social Media Fans Increase

Boost your social media presence significantly by increasing the popularity around your brand. Clients are charged by number of fans increased through social media campaigns.


Social Media Engagement

Create conversation and buzz around the success of your business through strategic social media posts.

Clients only pay for favorable results through the number of comments, shares, and likes generated.


Influencer Marketing

Gain support through word-of-mouth recommendations from Key Opinion Leaders (KOL).

Clients only pay for posts from popular figures that clearly display your desired product or brand.


E-Commerce Marketing

Employ various online marketing strategies to drive sales and brand awareness to your company.

Clients are only charged for successful purchase orders as result of our online marketing campaigns.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Utilize strategic online search engine techniques that will push traffic to your website.

Clients only pay for the number of clicks that increase from effective SEO.


Online Registration

Increase participation on your website by persuading your target audience to sign-up for newsletters, promotion, and more.

Clients are only charged for the successful number of downloads or registrations.

Media Pitching

Communicate your message through the media with our effective press releases.

Clients are only charged if our media pitching leads directly to articles, coverage, and interviews.


Online Reputation Management

Shift the conversation by responding to negative mentions and increasing focus on positive conversations about your brand.

Clients only pay by the number of conversations managed.


Joint Promotion

Collaborate with popular brands for increased marketing attention through joint promotions. Clients only pay when partners are confirmed.


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