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5 Secrets Digital Marketing Companies Don’t Want You to Know

So confident are few top marketing consulting companies that they GUARANTEE better ROI to their clients. This makes one wonder, "do they know something that I don't?" Because guaranteeing optimum results, particularly in the unforeseen internet space, is quite striking. Thing is, they do in fact know things that others oversee. W......

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Unlock the Treasures of Online Marketing with a Digital Specialist

The 21st century is a time that calls for cataclysmic change for small to large businesses. If you own a business, you have to adjust to the digital age and NOW! Even if you do not want to be a part of the e-commerce revolution, you have to shape your marketing and advertising strategies according to the digital media. Why? Because bulk of your target audience is ho......

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A Start-up or a Company, Do Not Undermine the Importance of Good PR

Publicity, Publicity and Publicity! Don't you see the celebrities or any person of media interest investing heavily in publicists? Why do you think that is? The importance of publicity and being in the news simply cannot be emphasized enough. There is fierce, cut-throat competition in every sector today and a lot of this competition comes from the attitude of the co......

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What to Look for in an Event Management Company?

The importance of partnering up with the right event management company cannot be overestimated. These companies help businesses to organizing a number of special events such as seminars, exhibitions, product launches and presentations, workshops, conferences, company inaugurations and more. Event managers work with a team of professionals who have years of experien......

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5 Digital Marketing Trends of China 2016 that You Must Not Ignore

What sets the good digital marketing professionals apart from the rookies is that they always stay at the edge of market trends. They know what's happening in the digital space. And most importantly they know how to change their approach and strategies accordingly. If you're in a quest to become a 'good' internet marketer yoursel......

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PR Fail- Have a Successful Crisis Communication Plan with 6 Steps

In this digital age when the communication level has outpaced every possible thing, a Public Relation blunder can significantly tarnish the image of the brand and disrupt the company's sales; tarnish and disrupt, unless offset with effective counter measures. Given PR crisis is unexpected, unpredictable and requires a quick (and ......

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6 (Winning) Ways to Recover from a PR Blunder on Social Media

It has happened to the best of us. If your business depends on social media platforms intensively, some silly (and unfortunate) blunders are bound to happen- and that's okay; after all we're all humans- mistake happens! But what might not be 'okay' though is how you recover from the PR fail. 2016 already has its share of social m......

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Integrate Marketing Communication- What It is and Why Your Business Needs It?

Let's, for example, say a clothing brand is using multiple channels to promote its products- • On its PPC campaigns, it says "we offer the cheapest denim jeans." • On its Facebook campaigns, it says "we offer premium quality wears." ......

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14 (Crucial) Reasons Why Your Business Needs Marketing Consulting Professionals

Did you know about 47 per cent of organizations do digital marketing but have no defined strategy whatsoever? And this is the result of businesses who think, either- • Digital marketing is not important. or, • It is quite easy; DIY techniques can hel......

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5 Reasons to (seriously!) Consider Cost Per Sale Affiliate Model to Make Sales

Cost Per Sale Model is efficient and cost-effective way to sell products or services, but fewer businesses actually bank on it. They are either too hung up with the CPC and CPM, or simply don't have a clue about this model. Here are 5 important reasons why you should seriously consider going for CPS affiliate marketing- ......

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