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Dare Or Play Safe – PR Marketing Agency Action Plans for Success

There are times when celebrated brand names and individual entities induce the aspect of 'dare' in their approach to maintaining public relations. There have been infinite instances over the past few decades when these approaches left target audience wanting for more. Challenging the mundane and stepping out of all things safe has thus become the PR mantra of just a......

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Never-To-Forget Rules for Corporate Communications in China

Maintaining good standards of corporate communication is critical for any company when it comes to establishing a rather infallible presence in the market and indelible reputation among the target audience. However, it can never be guaranteed that the process will be easy or flawless especially when the endeavor is carried out in a market that has a mind of its own.......

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You Need These Attributes to Shine as Event Management Experts in China

The scope for event management / marketing professionals in China is very high considering the fact that existing companies in the market are ever willing to forge their presence through dazzling never before events. Anywhere from product launch to New Year galas, the events that have been organized in China over the past half decade are something that the world cou......

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Digital Media Marketing Trends You Cannot Ignore in China

Trend predictions and forecasts for 2015 – 16 have made it amply clear that the scope for digital marketing in the eastern market will rise like never before. So, companies trying to forge their presence in this flourishing side of the world will benefit by perfecting their approach in the same. Kee......

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Golden Rules of Success You Can Learn from Hong Kong Event Management Companies

Hong Kong is one of the most progressive global destinations that are likely to be the hub of blossoming businesses by the end of this decade. Top brands and labels from the world over, whether in the world of fashion and accessories or automobiles and electronics or even banking and financial services have found home in this ever expanding market. Events and occasi......

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Top PR Fails that Bring Promising Endeavors in China to Their Knees

PR has always been an 'either – or' area for all business / corporate / individual entities. No one can say for sure which endeavor will win what reaction from whom and what the aftermath is likely to be. This is more so in case of PR efforts in China, mostly those that are taken up by foreign ventures without understanding the ongoing PR trends prevalent in this ......

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4 Tips to Push PR in China

China, the rising super power has experienced a sudden boom in its economy and has been inviting businesses from the world over to establish their presence in their buyer rich market base. However, with everything appearing bright and blossoming, companies from the world over have faced some hassles and hiccups as far as PR endeavors in China are concerned. There is......

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China PR Agencies Can be a Boon for Business Expansion in Asia – Here are 3 Reasons Why

Prospects for business in China are still on the rise. Commercial entities, companies and businesses are still within the scope of making the most from their China presence. However, when it comes to hitting it with the buyer force of this nation and that too successfully, the conventional methods may not always do the trick. Say......

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Here’s Why Hong Kong Event Management Companies are Counted Among the Best

The world of business, sports or beauty is buzzing with high profile events and that too for all the right reasons. The dazzle, the glamour, the glee and the exuberance is more than enough to send out the right messages to the right audience with uplifting and long term results. Launch events for major products including smart phones, cars, luxury beauty products, s......

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How Far are PR Agencies Responsible for Downfalls of Companies

PR Agencies are not the work of God. It is in fact, a product of human intelligence. This is the sole reason why it may be a little too much to think that these entities are completely shielded from the touch of flaws even if they are counted among the best of the lot. The primary purpose of a PR company is to assist a certain business venture or corporate venture o......

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