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Understanding Digital, Social and Mobile Media 2015 Trends In China

It is has been pretty shocking, the speed with which the digital revolution rocked our worlds. And the influence of information and digital era in the Chinese market has been extensive and extraordinary, especially in the field of marketing, communication and consumption pattern. To adapt to the fast changing trends, marketers use the new techniques like social netw......

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4 Dynamic Design Ideas for a Prosperous PR Agency Set Up

Since the start of 21st century there has been a dramatic change in the political, financial, technological and even in the platform of media. Fall and rise in the global economy, stagnation in some of the developed economies, growth in the emerging markets with the launch of digital social forums and fragmentations in the news outlets all have offered new set of challenges with whole new opportun......

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Three Key Factors of Consideration to Understand Public Relations in China

The media environment in China is huge alone in its size, where over 2,200 newspapers, 2000 radio stations, plus 9000 magazines, 3000 television stations bring collective information to the public. Further, the newspaper circulation is increasing at positive rates currently, China being the biggest newspaper industry in the world with more than 100 million daily new......

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Power of Digital Media Marketing In China, Hong Kong And The World

It is quite evident that the digital media marketing along with the social media across the globe is steeply growing at this hour of exploding technological advancements. Determining behavior socially, culturally and politically the digital media marketing evolution is playing a dominant role in escalating the diverse kinds businesses. Digital media marketing in China is standing as one of the wo......

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Situations Under Which Even the Best Event Companies Can Fail

Event companies are usually hired by entities big and small, corporate, business or otherwise to ensure that a certain event at hand goes on smoothly and memorably. More often than not, it is the events associated with launch of products, corporate get-togethers, large sports events etc that require the assistance of such companies. Basically the latter shoulder the......

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Are Your Cut Out to Join a Leading PR Company

PR companies usually have a lot on their shoulders to handle. For all you know, the involved professionals are responsible for immortalizing brands and entities for ages to come. Entities whether large corporate ventures, individual entities or businesses have herculean expectations from the companies which can range anywhere from bringing shattered reputations back......

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Business Houses are Switching to China Event Company in Asia

  • Friday, August 14th, 2015

It’s the promotional efficacy that contributes most to the business success. However, the strategy to be formulated deserves a differential treatment, depending on the territorial operation. For example, appointment of a China Event Company in Asia is gaining more importance among western business players to establish their foot prints in China and other Asian reg......

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Are You Thinking of Starting a Business in China

Being a businessman, you would want your business to grow, and go beyond border. If you are planning to present your products and services to the Chinese market, you would need to learn about how to start a business in China. There are legal formalities that you would need to fulfill. You would need to submit documentations and obtain license and registrations. Having a knowledge and understanding......

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Startups Should Hire a PR Agency- 3 Good Reasons!

It is a good time to break the myth;-"Startups should not hire a PR agency!" Instead understand how public relation can boost a startup ever than before! Gone are the days when entrepreneurs had to take one step at a time. Avoiding big investments for consequent threats especially in term of finance. Very recently an interesting read reveled PR for startup are insan......

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Pitfalls Your PR Company Cannot Save You from

PR companies can be your best friend when it comes to helping you connect with your target customers, clients or audience. However, you must never forget that these companies / agencies are not God. This basically means, they are not all the almighty omnipresent and omniscient as many would love to believe. There are times when even the best of PR companies cannot p......

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