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In the ever-evolving digital world, an online presence is both essential and key to making an imprint. Therefore, DT Digital is using the latest digital strategies through a variety of tools and technologies to build and maintain consumers’ awareness and a relationship with customers through online engagement.

DT Digital aims to keep you viral and vital, but also relevant to today’s tech savvy consumer. We’re sure you will ‘Like’ what we can perform online.

Increasing Online Visibility

DT Digital’s solutions strategically develop data to allocate resources to the most effective platform, focusing on overall integrated solutions that specifically targeted your market. We can increase your brand’s online visibility, by employing the latest customized analytical strategies – with digital installation, DSP programmatic marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), search engine adwords, viral video, KOL engagement and content marketing – directly optimizing your online presence.

Monitoring Online Reactions

With our proprietary analysis system, DT Digital tracks and performs strategic searches on millions of social media users, keep you aware of the latest trends and consumer behavior to create effective and targeted marketing program. This way, you would get immediate and relevant feedback. It would permit you to earn more ROI and visualize your business growth.

Social Media Marketing

DT Digital’s exceptional and strategic specialists can manage your social media profile, connecting you with the people that matters most. Our digital media strategies engage any number of platforms and integrate them with your marketing plan, building a strong presence on social media platforms in Asia and on the Global stage. With DT Digital’s social media marketing, online branding and reputation management, we ensure to build your brand one click at a time.

KOL Relations and Engagement

Nowadays, the online community often looks to certain groups of people when making decisions, namely Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). Even though KOL engagement is a new concept, the DT Digital team has rich experience in aligning KOLs to support campaigns, increasing the overall influence of your brand, expanding your reach and creating trust with different consumers.

Mobile Marketing

Our agency can design a variety of mobile marketing strategies to maximize your ROI and allow you optimum visibility, offering closer interactions with clients. Our campaigns, text blasts, app-based marketing and mobile website strategies can secure direct one-on-one browse time with your target market.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Like any other consumer strategy, good digital marketing relies on good CRM. DT Digital analyzes and pinpoints your strengths and weaknesses through a SWOT analysis, tracks your digital marketing along with its feedback on every possible platform (mobile, social media…). DT Digital’s CRM is based on real active users and aims to enhance their value and incentives in the CRM system

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