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Condom maker Durex launches a massage oil (Durex Massage2in1 – ‘be the king of foreplay!). The challenge is how do you promote playful intimacy in a still relatively conservative country and do it tastefully with tact?


Change consumer awareness of their perception of traditional massage oil products
Build awareness, education and use of Durex massage oil products.


Sex and sexual issues are still quite sensitive in China and intimacy topics are rarely discussed in the public. To overcome such taboo, the approach required subtle means and channels where people can learn and be informed about the product privately. That’s why in lieu of large scale events and advertisements, DT promoted an interactive video which allowed users to gain knowledge about couples’ massage, foreplay and the use of the massage oil for pleasure and lubrication.

The video also Allowed Viewers To Apply For A Trial of The Durex Products Or Log Onto Its Taobao Official Flagship Store To Purchase. The Campaign successfully motivated purchase behaviors Without Causing customer’s Concerns about The Embarrassment of In-Store Shopping.

To increase its awareness on social media, the sharing of the interactive video was encouraged and Durex’s own official microblogging pages initiated discussion of a series of social topics, with provocative titles like “master foreplay”, “rubbing love and affection.” Since few people even knew about massage oils and lubricating fluids,  Our Aim Was To Increase The Awareness Of this Category Of Products In The Target Group, normally Couples Between 25-39 Years Old.


14 Days After We First Launched The campaign On Various Platforms, The Video Received Over 70,000 Views And The Average Visit Duration Was More Than 6 Minutes. With The Video and Selected Advertising Channels, The “Durex Massage Oil” Related Searches In The Baidu Search Engine Increased From Zero To 1.6 Million. On Sina Weibo, A Total Of More Than 9,980,646 People Participated In Activities On Durex’s Official Microblogging Platforms, Including Discussion In “Foreplay Master” Related Topics. In Two Months, Durex Massage Oil Combo Sales Reached More Than 10,000 Units, And Sales on Online Interactive Platform Increased By More Than 3 Times.

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