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Ferrari’s celebration of its 999th China client,


To create a social network buzz on Ferrari’s Weibo page that would appeal to its high net worth market base and attract new fans to the Italian sports car maker The push is in conjunction with an overall promotions using an all-arounded PR strategy


The campaign, which took place at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, generated widespread media coverage across China. The “999st winning F1” exhibition reinforced the brand’s elite image and generated a buzz on social networking platforms. There were more than 100,000 postings and online action including many by new fans and high value demographic participants joining Ferrari’s social network platforms through this campaign. For the celebration campaign, dazzling fireworks were launched over the Huangpu River which was lit up the sky in Ferrari classic red. The brand’s exciting and sexy image was displayed on large screens along the river showing Ferrari F1 cars in competition.


In addition to attracting coverage across the mass media and by digital influencers, the campaign successfully commemorated an important mark in the development of Ferrari in China.


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