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A major American clothing retailer Forever 21 with branches across the world looks to enter China market in 2011 and retains PinYin for top to bottom counselling on the scale, pace and scope of the expansion.



Help company develop a comprehensive strategy and feasibility study to successfully enter China
Guide the company in its introduction to the local market, its positioning and consumer awareness
Advise the company as it chooses store locations
Set up digital store for consumer to access its product online


The vast China market was as intimidating as it was alluring to the American retailer. PinYin’s first effort was to do a feasibility study on the lifestyle and consumer behaviour of young female customers in China, which would be the company’s main targeted consumer group. PinYin then formulated a digital strategy to bolster its brick and mortar expansion. As plans progressed, PinYin remained involved not only devising the company’s marketing and branding image in China, but also helping them negotiate with landlords and agents. As their New Business expanding In China, PinYin’s guidance eased any commercial and cultural worries harboured. In the end, PinYin Helped Secure Prime Shop Locations And Cushioned Their Initial Foray By Suggesting First Rolling Out In Cities with higher Level Of Acceptance, Then Moving On To Other Markets with more Marketing And Branding experiences.


The company formally announced its China expansion in the first quarter of 2012, with PinYin’s events arm, Diantang helping stage a signing ceremony with the landlord. In the third quarter of the same year, stores in Beijing and Shanghai were launched, followed by the opening of an e-shop on T-Mall, the biggest online shopping platform in China.

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