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Integrate Marketing Communication- What It is and Why Your Business Needs It?

Let’s, for example, say a clothing brand is using multiple channels to promote its products-

• On its PPC campaigns, it says “we offer the cheapest denim jeans.”

• On its Facebook campaigns, it says “we offer premium quality wears.”

• On its newspaper advertisement, it says “we are a leading brand.”

5 things, we note in these three different campaigns-

1. Lack of consistency and continuity.

2. The campaigns are not complementing each other.

3. They don’t seek to communicate with the readers or potential customers.

4. There is no definiteness in what the brand is looking to achieve.

5. Ineffective and inefficient, these campaigns are waste of time and money.

This is where the integrated communication comes in.

Integrated Marketing Communication is a process that synchronizes different marketing methods of brand and sales promotion to bring consistency and relevancy in the overall message for the target audience.

The above example is rather very clean and straight-forward. But it could be quite complex particularly for businesses who rely on many different platforms for marketing.Integrated Communication Hong KongHaving uniformity in the advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, social media campaigns and so on is not important but rather essential for the brands today for a host of reasons-

• Your potential customers are everywhere- Googling, on Facebook and Instagram, reading Newspaper- everywhere! They are likely to come across your brand on multiple platforms. They need to understand (and remember) who you are and how you can help them. And this needs consistency in your message or communication.

• The market competition is cut-throat today. Being vague in your promotional campaigns and not very definite will only make room for your competitors to swoop in and win over your customers or simply flock away your customers to your competitors.

• Your audience wants you to offer them exactly what they want. Sometimes you need to push and convince them. Integrated communication along with Cross-Channel marketing will help you here and epitomize the satisfaction level of your customers.

And it is for these reasons more and more businesses today are hiring integrated communication China based agencies and professionals. And it is for these reasons why you need these professionals by your side too.

Why hiring professionals is a way to go?
As simple as it my sound ‘integrated communication’, the process is quite a bit complex, given it affects every component of your traditional and digital marketing. A definite plan needs to be prepared that clearly detail out the vision, objectives, budget and a SWOT analysis. But before detailing these, you need to understand who exactly are your target audience, on what platforms you can find them and how they are going to react to your marketing mix.

To outline all these, going with the professionals is a much more efficient (and sane) decision. So dial a good integrated communication Hong Kong or China based agency today.

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