One of the World’s Top 5 Brands’ Shower Gel Launch

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One of the World’s Top 5 Brands’ Shower Gel Launch

A newly launched shower gel from one of the world’s ‘Top 5’ brands was accused in China of exceeding bacteria levels 32 times than acceptable in a test by the China government. The product was then pulled off shelves in major retail outlets, damaging not only sales, but also the company’s reputation.


Conduct damage control by assuring consumers of the product’s safety
Reduce the severity of online rumours
Rebuilding the reputations of the manufacturer and the associated iconic brand.


Since the crisis occurred in Greater China, DT targeted efforts directly at Chinese consumers, focusing on Chinese-language publications, social and digital media. After the initial report, the product was re-examined and found to have met health standards. Therefore, a brand new campaign including press release and supporting materials focusing on this new evidence that the product was safe for use was immediately disseminated. DT targeted the sources of negative news with the evidence of the new health report, stopping and reversing the harm of the further rumours.


With our quick action in dousing the fire of rumours with new proof, the first 10 pages of the Baidu search on the product now yielded predominantly by positive news about the product. A majority of the first 100 articles on China’s search engines also stated that the product passed the health re-inspection.

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